Primary Goal: 100% Engagement


First-Time Givers to Date


Total Givers to Date

Secondary Goal: $18 Million in Generosity

$2.5 Million

Unfinished Generosity to Date

$17.2 Million

Unfinished Generosity Goal

Watch our most recent Unfinished story:

Unfinished is a two-year discipleship initiative designed to stretch each and every one of us in generosity. Our primary goal with Unfinished is that 100% of people at Pathway would engage in this initiative to experience a life-changing encounter with God.

Primary Goal:


Unfinished is first and foremost a discipleship initiative. We’re all at different points moving toward restoration.

We want to learn new things about God and about ourselves.We want every single person at Pathway to see themself as unfinished and to be willing to take a next step of growth in this area of generosity.

Whether you’ve never given anything before, whether you’re an infrequent contributor, or whether you’re a consistent and thoughtful giver, there is a next step God is asking you to take in this journey.


Secondary Goal:


This is a one-fund initiative. This number includes our total ministry budget for the next two years (Unfinished People) as well as our expansion for our continued vision to reach out to more people (Unfinished Mission).

If 100% of people at Pathway get fully-engaged, we expect to see an increase in generosity like we’ve never seen before. Our secondary goal representsourplan for the increased intake of resources.

“As long as I am unfinished, it gives me room to be faithful.”

—Zack Manuel

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Unfinished People:


Currently, more than 5,000 people call Pathway home. Unfinished People represents the strengthening of our general budget over the next two years—which is anything but general! This is our engine, our catalyst for supporting and growing every ministry as we help people “follow Jesus, in community, for others.”

Adults and Next Steps: Starting Point, Volunteering, and Home Teams

Weekend Experience: Delivery of the weekly message and worship at every campus

Next Generation: Ministry for our children, middle school, and high school students

Operations: Administrative, finance, and facility support, as well as communication within the church

Unfinished Mission:


We believe God isn’t finished with us at Pathway and He has a mission for us, bigger than anything we’ve ever done before.


$1.3 million invested in ongoing support for our partners, both local and global. This will meet and grow our existing outreach efforts through missionaries and projects both locally and around the world.

Provide $900,000 to launch two new campuses in the Wichita area. We’re anticipating a new campus on the north side of Wichita to launch next year and then an additional campus (site yet to be determined) to follow after that.

Provide $700,000 for additional upgrades to ourcurrent campuses. From weekend services to hundreds of ministry gatherings throughout the week, our facilities are used seven days a week for vision-fulfilling opportunities. These funds will resource a variety of upgrades from parking to floor coverings to technology at our campuses.

Pay down $3 million on our existing debt at the Westlink& Goddard campuses. Current total debt at Pathway is $8.5 million on facilities valued at more than $22 million. This eliminates 35% of our debt and frees up more than $180,000 per year for kingdom purposes.

Provide $600,000 to significantly move several outreach ministries forward:

• $300,000 to finish the Mabatini Community Centerin Nairobi, Kenya. Over 75 people from Pathway have participated in short term ministry in the Mabatini neighborhood of Nairobi. Pathway has helped provide a facility that serves as a school for 900 children and facilitates holistic gospel ministry in one of the largest slums in the world. We plan to finish this building that we started during Accelerate.

• $80,000 to provide an outdoor shelter area and other improvements at Carpenter Place, a residential care home for girls in Wichita.

• $120,000 to help build a Community Center in Jordan, where hundreds of displaced refugees are in need of ministry.

• $100,000 to assist Restored Community Church in the purchase and remodeling of their new facilityin Wichita. This multi-ethnic urban church plant has recently begun leasing an older church facility. These funds will help them devote more time and resources to reaching people far from God in under-resourced areas of our city.

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