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Feeling Inadequate to Pass on Faith

Passing on our faith to the next generation requires deliberate, intentional action. It's about more than just handing over a baton; it's about actively engaging with younger believers, pouring into their lives, and walking alongside them on their journey of faith. Modeling a life of faith becomes not just something we do passively, but something we do intentionally, knowing that young eyes are watching and learning from our example. Sharing our knowledge and experience becomes a deliberate act of mentorship as we seek to equip younger believers with the tools they need to navigate their own faith journeys. And encouraging them to use their gifts becomes a deliberate strategy for empowering them to actively participate in the work of God's kingdom. As we invest in the younger members of our faith community, we can trust that they will continue to run with endurance the race set before them, carrying the torch of faith into the future.

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