Big Summer Give 2019: Mason Brungardt

Each Summer, Pathway children and students participate in the Big Summer Give which is an opportunity for raise funds for charitable giving. This year, the focus is Carpenter Place, a local organization that supports deeply hurting girls.

Seven year old Mason Brungardt has actively raised funds to support the Big Summer Give modeling a generous spirit for children and adults alike. He raised funds by hosting a lemonade stand during the week of Day Camp with all profits earned going to the Big Summer Give. This year, Mason added a little more fun in fundraising. For a $5 donation, he agreed to let people throw pies at him! Mason’s lemonade stand raised $300 for Carpenter Place and he took 29 whipped cream pies to the face!

Mason is continuing to learn about generous giving. He said, “The stories of the girls at Carpenter Place helped me realize that God has blessed me with amazing things in my life. I should share my blessings with other people who need to know God loves them.” He plans to continue regular giving by volunteering more frequently with his family and by giving a portion of his own money.

Students learn about the Big Summer Give during Day Camp. Mason calls Day Camp week the “best week of the year!” He also says, “Going to Day Camp makes me happy because I know that Jesus is breaking into my heart and that He is changing me a lot. I also have a lot of fun at Day Camp because I love to worship!” For Mason, Day Camp is more than games and worship. Mason also appreciates the way God works on his heart during camp. He said, “One of the bottom lines that stuck out to me was, ‘live like people matter.’ That made me remember that everyone I meet matters to God and should matter to me.”

Mason’s parents, Brandon and Tessa Brungardt, are touched by his generous spirit. Tessa said, “Mason always looks forward to the Big Summer Give. It is neat to see his heart for sharing. He never asks to keep the money he raises and he’s always determined to be the one who serves up the lemonade (or this year, the one to take a pie). He gets excited to let his customers know what he’s raising money for. It is our prayer that he will always have a generous and obedient heart for God.”