Generosity Story: Shon and Chanel Edwards

Shon and Chanel Edwards went on their first date after meeting through mutual friends on Facebook. They have now been together for ten years and married for over three. Chanel was raised attending church, but Shon was not. Unfortunately, he did not have a good experience when he looked for a church when he was a teen. Eventually, he stopped attending church, but sought God on his own.

Three years ago, Shon and Chanel began attending Pathway at the Westlink Campus. Originally, they were invited to a Christmas Eve service by Chanel’s sister, Charlotte. They were blown away with the service, the church, and the people as everyone was so nice and welcoming. They felt at home and comfortable after their first visit. When they started attending Pathway, this began their walk with God together. Shon and Chanel then attended Starting Point, began volunteering at church, joined a Home Team, and Shon was baptized by Pastor Carter.

Their giving then become a priority as well. “When we think back on the stories shared in church about what all our generosity has been doing, it makes it really easy to want to be a part of God’s plan,” explained Shon. They are particularly impressed with the outreach programs around the world as well as the local charities and schools that Pathway is contributing funds.

Last Easter, when Pathway eliminated $2.2M in medical debt, Shon and Chanel were inspired to pray about increasing their giving. They knew what a wonderful gift the debt relief was to so many families. “When it comes to this past year, we really wanted to do our part to advance God’s Word and His works. Through increased generosity, faith in God, and our church we prayed that it would touch as many people in need as it could,” exclaimed Shon.