At Pathway Church, we’re totally focused on connecting people to Jesus and helping them become His fully-devoted followers. We will always be the kind of church where people can find hope, forgiveness, and purpose in Jesus Christ.

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Carpenter Place

"Sometimes I feel like God led me through hard times so I could look someone in the eye and say, 'I already know, I've been there, and this is how I've overcome.'"

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Living on the Edge

When Shawnalee Wilborn's Unfinished video story aired in February, we met a woman who was ready to step up and speak out about God's faithfulness in her life…

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Be Still And Listen

Sometimes when God is calling you, you can’t hear Him because of all of the noise in your life…

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Every Step of the Way

God presents challenges in our life to bring us closer to Him. That is what happened to Amanda West…

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God is in Control

Asking for help is often the hardest thing for anyone to do, but the blessing of receiving can remind us that God is still in control…

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