Worship Team Auditions (Westlink/Cafe, & Valley Center)

Do you love to sing or play an instrument? Whether you've been playing or singing for years or are just getting started we have a place for you. Don't miss this great opportunity to be a part of a cohesive team, encourage others in worship, and serve Christ’s church. 


We are asking for all new potential team members to submit an application video online. In this video, please sing or play a song of your choice that is in your range and skill set. There are simple instructions as to how to upload this video to YouTube and to mark it as private. After you have uploaded your video, please email the link to jill.harper@pathwaychurch.com with your application attached. (link below) Following the application submission, the Worship Director will be meeting with each person one-one-one to evaluate their application and provide next steps.

All current team members must submit a new application as well.

Application deadline is Wednesday, August 2, at 2:00 pm. 

Worship Team Application - Vocalist

Worship Team Application - Band Member


On Sunday, August 6, we will ask for all current team members and potential team members to work together to form the best combinations of talent. We would like all female singers to prepare “What A Beautiful Name” as an audition piece; all male singers, will sing “Wonder” for the audition. Musicians need to prepare both songs. (All tracks and chord charts are listed below for download) Here is the schedule for that day:

12:30 – 3:00pm All current and potential singers meet together in the Worship Center
3:00 - 5:30pm All current and potential musicians meet together in the Worship Center

Once the auditions have been completed, the Worship Directors will be taking the next week to seek God’s direction in calling our new teams into ministry. The Worship Director will then meet with each person one-on-one to share with them the plan and direction for the new season.

Audition Downloads:

What a Beautiful Name | Video

What a Beautiful Name | Key - C

What a Beautiful Name | Key - D

Wonder | Video

Wonder | Key - A

Wonder | Key - B

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