Sometimes when God is calling you, you can’t hear Him because of all of the noise in your life. I hope that you will take the time to read Ryan Eastep’s story. Maybe you can relate to his sentiment about the noise in your own life. It could be your job, it could be an illness or an addiction, it could be your kids and all of their students (I mean that affectionately!). Sometimes all of the stuff becomes a barrier to the next step that God is wanting you to take.

Baptism Celebration Weekend.This weekend, at all of our campuses, you have an opportunity to take the step of baptism. Maybe you’ve thought you wanted to do that, but the “noise” in your life has kept you from taking that step. Maybe someone has talked to you about being baptized, but you haven’t decided. I want to challenge you as you read this: Take this step of being obedient to Jesus’ command this weekend. Join with dozens of others at all of our campuses that are “taking the plunge.” You can find answers to your questions,get more information, and register.

Summer Children and Student events.May signals change for many of us and that means kids are transitioning from the school routine to the summer routine. I want you to know that in my mind, what we do in the summer for children and students at Pathway is some of our best students . From VBS and Day Camp to Middle School Camp and High School MOVE, we have just what the next generation in your family needs to help them take a next step along their journey to“follow Jesus, in community, for others.” These summer ministries also lay the groundwork for everything that we do with children and students in the coming year. It’s a great time to get engaged and first- time attenders get huge discounts to these summer programs. This could be the summer that your son or daughter, neighbor kid, or school friend gets connected to Jesus in a way that will change their life forever. Check out these great opportunities on our website.
Don’t miss out on this weekend as you could be among the many people “taking the plunge”!

Todd Carter, Lead Pastor