Heidi Brozek was invited to Pathway by Becky Freshour in August 2016.

She attended sporadically, sometimes bringing her boyfriend Ben with her. They wanted to make sure that their unborn child and future children would grow up in a home where they went to church.

At this time, Heidi and Ben were both "lost and broken as can be as individuals and as a couple." This lead Heidi to start attending more, eventually volunteering with Guest Ministries. She was baptized in May 2017 by the very person who invited her, Becky. Heidi's act of faith to raise her children in the church also touched her boyfriend Ben. He started to attend more consistently and soon began volunteering as well. God began to speak to their hearts and began restoring them to His glory.

At the mid-way point of Unfinished, during the Restore series, Heidi and Ben chose to answer God's call by making a first-time commitment to give. They took a huge leap of faith and continue to grow by leaning on God. Their leap of faith in making this first-time commitment was a true reaction to a new relationship with God. They allow Him to use them, as Unfinished as they are, to do His work as individuals, as a couple, as parents, and as partners at Pathway. 

Now, two years after they first started attending, their family continues to grow in God as he encourages their faith and commitment to Him. They are still Unfinished but are being restored by the completeness of God. Ben and one of their daughters, Sadie, will be baptized this weekend at the Baptism Celebration!

Heidi and Ben have taken their Unfinished commitment even further by making a contest between the two of them to see who invites the most of their friends and family to come to church. 

They have been blessed so much, growing in their Home Team, and in their faith. They continue to lean on God's provisions and are actively living out generosity in their own lives by allowing God to use them where they are and inviting everyone they know to experience life-change like they did.