Making It Personal

Being Unfinished isn't really about your money; it's about your heart.

Aaron and Kim Tobias have been involved at Pathway for more than a decade, but the idea of giving sacrificially was initially daunting. Both were fresh out of college with little money, plenty of debt and seemingly no room in the budget to give financially. But after attending a finance seminar, they changed their priorities, began giving regularly and soon saw God begin to pour out blessings. 

"God doesn't need our money. God doesn't need our time. He doesn't need anything from us," Kim said. "The whole point in giving anything, whether it is money or anything else, is so that He can do a good work in us. So that He can grow our hearts and then open up the blessings."

Within eight years, Aaron and Kim paid off all their student and car loans and their mortgage. They soon recognized that God had blessed them with the opportunity to be generous in other areas of their lives. "Through that blessing of no debt, we were able to spend our time and talents for the benefit of others," Aaron recalled. "It was pretty exciting without those financial stresses." They soon became Home Team leaders and leaders of the Westlink Campus Awana program. They continue to volunteer today as Connection Leaders at the Goddard Campus. 

Now that Unfinished is underway, Aaron and Kim hope people will see the initiative as a great learning tool in giving (No fund raising). They have realized through their own lives that once people start to release their money, time, and other resources, they start to care more about what God's doing in the church and how they can get more involved. 

"It's not about what God's doing with your money," Kim emphasized."It's about what He's doing with YOU."

For Aaron and Kim's own journey, being Unfinished ultimately means giving God space to work in the life of their family. By maintaining a discipline of sacrificial generosity and continuing to give their time to God, Aaron and Kim believe they can remain open to whatever God has in store for the next season of their lives. As for anyone who is still unsure about sticking with a commitment to Unfinished, or giving for the first time, Kim suggests to just dive in and get ready for God to bless your life in ways you never imagined.

God always keeps His promises.