Every Step of the Way

God presents challenges in our life to bring us closer to Him. That is what happened to Amanda West. “About a year ago, I found myself lost—lost in life and lost in my marriage. I had turned to finding ways to escape everything that was going on,” explained Amanda. In February of 2016, she returned to Wichita to be with her family while she went through a divorce after having an affair. “I was just trying to find an excuse to escape the pain of what I had done to the family that took me 10 years to grow. I found my escape in sin.”

She lost most of her friends during the divorce and found herself very alone in Wichita. That was when she began to feel God nudging her into a relationship with Him. Knowing her grandma’s strong faith, she planned on asking if she could attend church with her, but she kept delaying. Finally, at her daughter’s 7th birthday party, she asked. Her grandma replied, “You won’t like my church.” But suggested she try Pathway because of the many diverse groups for adults and children.

She started attending Pathway in July of 2016, but only every other weekend—she wasn’t fully committed. In September 2016, she received a Facebook invitation from Westlink Home Team Director, Jarred Peine, to visit a new group that was being formed.

“I figured why not put myself out there and see what it has to offer. I’d surely make new friends and get more involved. Little did I know those strangers would become friends and then become a family to me,” reminisced Amanda.

On January 8, 2017, Amanda fully-committed herself to God when Jarred baptized her. Through mentoring, Amanda has grown to see what God can do through her. Now she helps lead two Home Teams. She also volunteers in the Ballpark and various local outreach ministries. “I truly believe God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called. Trust in Him and He will give you the tools to live out a godly life. I feel so rich in life knowing I have Him beside me every step of the way.”

By BJ Wells | Photo by Brock Glenn