Global Prayer Guide

Join us as we lift up our Global partners in prayer this coming week.

Day 7

Today, we are praying for our Global Partners Uncharted Ministries, missionaries who are dedicated to taking the Gospel to the least reached among Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, and to those who have no access to the Gospel. In the last 10 years, more Muslims have come to faith in Christ than in the last 14 centuries. More Jews have come to embrace Jesus as the Messiah in the last 20 years than in the last 2,000 years.

Unfortunately, the news coverage from Israel and the Gaza Strip are headlines-grabbing stories and images from the horrific Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.  Israelis are standing up against the Islamic terrorists not just in Gaza but throughout the Middle East. Unfortunately, Palestinians who want nothing to do with Hamas and other terrorist groups are in a horrible situation in Gaza.

Pray for a global impact of Uncharted Ministries, that their efforts may reach people across borders and cultures, making a difference in diverse communities as they share the Gospel.

Day 6

We lift up our Global Partners from Missions of Hope (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya. The mission of MOHI is to take kids from the slums and give them a Christian-based education. They are able to give kids food as well as medical treatment while giving them a quality education. MOHI started with 55 kids and has now grown to over 22,000 kids.

We recently heard of Caroline’s story. She’s a single mother of three, two in kindergarten and one in 8th grade. Caroline used to work as a casual laborer, taking on odd jobs like laundry and selling groundnuts. Caroline had always harbored a strong desire to provide her children with an education, so she did everything in her capacity to make it happen. However, it was a struggle to make ends meet. One morning, as Caroline was at home preparing sweet potatoes to sell her two kindergarten children, they were sent back home due to a lack of school fees. Deeply discouraged, Caroline dropped to her knees and prayed to God for help. Her prayers seemed to be answered, immediately after she finished. Her neighbor came looking for her to tell her about MOHI. MOHI had just arrived in the community and was enrolling children for Kindergarten. Without wasting any time, Caroline walked to the registration desk and registered her two kindergarten children. This was a tremendous relief for her, as hope had arrived in her time of need. During the intake process, she was so deeply moved she inquired about how she could serve. One of the directors pulled her aside and encouraged her to write an application letter requesting employment. She prayed over that letter and it wasn’t long before the HR department called for an interview and offered her a job.

Pray for the spiritual impact of MOHI, that the kids they impact may encounter the love of Christ and experience transformation in their lives.

Day 5

Pray for our CMF Partners in Tanzania, Africa. Training of national church planters is the heartbeat of the team’s ministry in Tanzania. Everyone in the whole family – husband, wife, and children – is trained and equipped to reach their own people so that God’s church can be firmly rooted and grow into a flourishing, life-transforming presence in Tanzania.  The missionaries there head to coastal villages in Tanzania and find believers who are willing to be trained in sharing the Gospel. They invite the family to a 20-week class to teach them the bible and how to find their “person of peace” in their village to share the Word and start churches.

We want to take time to praise God for the amazing work wins they are seeing as they share the Gospel. This past month they were able to travel to the bush and baptize over 70 people in three prominently Muslim villages.

Pray for the safety of those they are training as they go back to Muslim villages to share the Gospel.

Day 4

We are joining in prayer today for our Global Partners in Cambodia at Agape International Missions (AIM) ministry. AIM has been saving girls from brothels and sex trafficking for 18 years. Our partnership with AIM has helped provide teachers, social workers, house moms, and pastors to be the hands and feet of Christ to those impacted by the evils of human trafficking.

Stories of transformation and healing take years to fully unfold, but they were able to send us a story of one young woman, who came to AIM's Restoration Home after being a slave in the sex trafficking industry. While there she experienced the unconditional love of Christ and was able to walk through healing with our staff. As she grew, it was time to take a step into her freedom and move to a Transitional home where she learned more about living on her own, working at a safe job and building a healthy community.  Now, she’s working at a local bakery and living on her own.

As of today, they have saved 1705 girls and been able to arrest 598 traffickers. Pray as they expand their ministry to Belize and start rescuing girls who are being trafficked around the country.

Pray for God's healing touch on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the girls rescued from sex trafficking. May they experience restoration and wholeness in every aspect of their lives.

Day 3

Today we are praying for our CMF partners at Zona Church in Fuego Nuevo, Mexico. For more than 15 years, Misael & Yola Cruz have led a ministry in a community that has often experienced challenges such as abuse, drug trafficking, and family dysfunction. 

Misael & Yola are firm believers that the best way to know and love God is to love others—and they walk alongside others to show His love to their neighbors through holistic ministries like dental, medical, and counseling services, and other resources they share, since, to them, “the Church should function every day of the week, not just Sunday.” 

Recently, a Haitian immigrant family of five (mom, dad, and three kids) fleeing Haiti to come to the United States ended up coming to La Zona for a couple of weeks. La Zona staff shared the love of Jesus while feeding and sheltering the family. The family then decided to take the train to the border. They tied the kids to the top of the train to keep them from being detected by traffickers and to keep them safe. When they got to their stop, they went to untie the kids and realized all three had frozen to death. In their grief, the parents called Zona Church and asked to return. They were welcomed with open arms and the church has been loving and supporting them through their grief.

Pray for the spiritual support and encouragement for the Haitian refugees, that they may find strength and solace in their faith during difficult times.

Day 2

We lift our Global Partner, the India Gospel League who are building community centers, clinics, and banks in remote villages. They also provide training and classes to women in these villages to help them become self-sustaining individuals and start ending cycles of abuse.

They recently shared the story of a 23-year-old woman who suffered from severe stomach pain for months. She had tried medicine, Hindu rituals, and doctors with no success. A Christian neighbor invited her to church and shared a copy of the New Testament with her. She began reading about the incredible healing miracles that Jesus performed. This gave her hope, and she believed that the Lord would do the same for her. To His glory, she was healed, and she continues to share her testimony with others.

Pray for newfound believers to have boldness in sharing their faith with others, overcoming any fears or challenges they may face in being a witness for Christ.

Day 1

Pray for our Global Partners at the Kenya Safehouse. The people at the Kenya safehouse are helping women come to faith and escape the torture and persecution associated with becoming a Christian in Somalia.

**Rhea started hearing the Gospel from underground churches in Somalia and decided to follow Jesus.  Rhea’s family found out she had given her life to Jesus and locked her in a room to beat and burn her until she renounced Jesus. She refused and was able to escape to a community church. The church was able to help her get out of Somalia and into the refuge of our friends in Kenya who were able to get her the medical care and treatments she needed. Rhea is now living a healthy life telling others of how Jesus saved her and helping the organization bring other women across the border to safety. (**name changed for safety and protection)

Pray for more Islamic women to know Christ and find continued safety at the safehouse as they seek refuge.