This Christmas season at Pathway, you can help families in our community and around the world by participating in one of the following giving* opportunities at your campus as part of Heart2Heart—our annual Christmas outreach.

*All giving, including Heart2Heart, goes to the two-year Unfinished Initiative.

Church-Wide Global Project:

 Nov 10 & 11 – Dec 15 & 16  •   Partnering with India Gospel League

India Gospel League (IGL) has planted over 90,000 village churches in the last 25 years and provides ongoing physical and economic support to the needs of their communities. Your generosity can help provide school supplies, chickens, or goats to a rural Indian child or family.

For more information contact (316) 722-8020 or

Campus Specific Local Projects:


 Nov 18 – Dec 9  •   Partnering with Goddard Mitten Tree

Gifts, clothes, and essentials are provided to local children and families. Mittens will be available during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm) and during Sunday services (9:30am, 11:00am, and 5:00pm) starting on November 18.

For more information contact (316) 550-6099 or

Valley Center

 Nov 25 – Dec 9  •   Partnering with VC Cares for Kids

VC Cares for Kids provides community assistance, resources, and emergency services to families in need in the Valley Center School District. Our partnership with this organization provides much-needed resources. Gift tags will be available during office hours during Sunday services starting on November 11.

For more information contact (316) 722-8020 or


Nov 10 & 11 – Dec 8 & 9  •   Partnering with Family Promise, Westlink Campus families, & families from 5 west Wichita schools

Gifts and clothing are provided to children that are identified through Family Promise, Westlink Campus families, and the five Wichita partner schools. Each family’s identity will remain anonymous. Gift tags can be picked up during the weekend service November 10–December 2. Please return all tagged and wrapped gifts by Sunday, December 9, to allow time to process and deliver.

For more information contact (316) 722-8020 or