Global Outreach

We are determined to play our part in helping the hurt, leading the lost, and taking the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

We have partners in 5 continents, over 16 countries, and support over 30 missionaries or projects all around the globe.

Get Connected


Several people who have grown up at Pathway Church are now Global Outreach Partners in places like India, Mongolia, and Kenya. However, not everyone is called to long-term outreach; so we also offer short-term Global Outreach Trips across the entire world.

If you are interested in learning more about being a Global Outreach Partner or attending a short-term trip, contact the Global Outreach Team.


We provide many opportunities for you to "send" help and encouragement to our partners including prayer, generous giving, encouragement, and volunteering at Pathway.

  • Pray

    Praying is one of the best first steps you can take to be involved with Global Outreach! The power of intentional, fervent prayer in Jesus’s name works miracles. Many of our overseas and national partners mail out letters that can keep you udpated. contact the Global Outreach Team to get more information.

  • Give

    If you give any money to Pathway Church then you are already a "sender"! A portion of every dollar given to Pathway directly benefits Outreach ministries all over the globe. Learn more about giving at on our Giving page.

  • Encourage

    Consider sending a care package or encouragement cards to a Global Outreach Partner. Welcome partners home when they are in town on furlough by sharing a meal, a car, or a guest room. Come here them talk on the weekends when they visit one of our campuses.

  • Volunteer

    You can supportthe work of the Global Outreach Team at Pathway Church at your local campus. We are always looking for volunteers to help out in a variety of ways. Your first step before volunteering is visiting Starting Point. Learn more and register online.

Where We Are

  • SE Asia

    Community Health Evangelism workers are involved with migrant families from rural areas as they enter into city life. They work with community centers, churches, and schools loving the migrants who are often disadvantaged. Pray for the protection of the workers, growth of churches, and education of the children.

  • NE Asia

    In a remote part of Asia we partner with a national leader taking the Gospel to the many tribal unreached groups in this area. This protected state is home to over 100 different tribal groups, mainly Buddhist or animist or a combination of the two. Pray for additional national workers who will be able to work in this protected state and the growth of the newly established churches.

  • India

    Pathway is partnering with India Gospel League to bring the light of Jesus into this rural area. Our partnership includes digging water wells, building Life Centers, and supplying Barefoot Pastors with needed materials as well as sending Serving Teams to encourage the workers.

  • Nairobi, Kenya

    The village of Mabatini in the Mathare Valley has been adopted by Pathway. We have helped bring clean water to the village, purchase land for a school, and construct a temporary community center. Through Community Health Evangelism, workers reach into the homes of the people caught in this slum. Serving teams have assisted in micro-finance development, encouragement of leaders, and teaching of children.

  • Arusha, Tanzania

    We partner with the Church Planters Training Center which trains the tribal peoples of this region to evangelize and plant churches among the rural peoples. Each training class has representatives of several tribes. After initial training, the center’s staff visits the planters and their churches. A holistic approach is used giving training in business, health, and other training as needed. To date, over 50 churches have been planted. Two graduate families are being financially added by Pathway.

  • Brazil

    Along the tributaries of the Amazon live the River People, a genetic mixture of Indian and Portuguese ancestry. Their religion is a mixture of folk-catholic and spirit worship. South American church planters travel these waterways teaching the Gospel and organizing churches. A specially equipped mission boat serves as a base along the Amazon River. Pray for strength for the Global Outreach Partners and spiritual awakening for the River People.

Campus Partners

Global Outreach is woven in and throughout every ministry at Pathway Church. We currently support 25 Global Outreach Partners and 20 projects in 20 different countries.

Every year, each campus "adopts" an Outreach Partner so everyone at every location can meet and form a connections with partners as they visit and send updates back. Short-term trips are also available to visit and serve alongside each adopted Global Outreach Partner. Learn more below.

  • Goddard Campus Partners

    Winston "Jacko" and Heather Jackson
    Kingston, Jamaica
    Taking Christ to Jamaica

    Pathway has been in partnership with the Jacksons for 17 years. Jacko serves as the Senior Pastor of Penwood Church of Christ and has been in full-time ministry since 1985 with the primary focus being teaching, preaching, training, and counseling. They are currently serving in the poorest areas of Kinston.

    Bobby and Mandy Graham
    Buipe, Ghana
    Team Expansion

    The Graham family has been serving in Ghana for five years and have been Global Outreach Partners with Pathway the last four of those years. Their primary mission is to plant simple churches by training the nationals through the Disciple Making Movement (DMM). Since 2018, they and their national leaders have started 209 small groups and baptized 938 people among the unreached people groups such as Chokossi, Fulani and Gonja. They also utilize CHE (Community Health Evangelism) and farming God’s Way to reach the people with the Gospel in a truly oral language tradition.

  • Valley Center Campus Partners

    Ben and Jessica Spicer
    Benjamin Constant,
    Brazil Pioneers

    Ben, Jessica, and family have been in the field for over a year and a half. Their primary mission is to disciple and plant indigenous churches among the unreached. The majority of people in Benjamin Constant are unreached (less than 2% evangelical Christians). They serve on the Amazon River and in the tribal villages in the Amazon close to the borders of Brazil, Peru and Columbia (primarily on the Brazilian and Peruvian sides).

    Dave and Sarah Harder
    Chiag Mai, Thailand
    Reach Global

    The Harder’s have been in the field for just over one year. Their primary mission focus is to produce videos and media resources to empower church planting in Asia. They are based in Chiang Mai but serve in the greater region of Papua New Guinea. The majority of teams they work with are engaged with unreached people groups. Over 70% of the people groups in their region are unreached.

  • Westlink Campus Partners

    The Urban Ministry Institute
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Pathway began a partnership with the Kenya TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) satellite in 2012. They had their first class graduate in 2018. TUMI overcomes four barriers that face urban church leaders facing efforts to receive theological education.

    • Cost: Many will never be able to afford the cost of traditional seminary education.
    • Education requirements: Many of God’s chosen leaders have little more than a high school education.
    • Proximity: Most urban leaders have a full-time ministry, family, or a full-time job. Moving to attend Bible College is difficult.
    • Cultural relevance: Most of what is taught in U.S. seminary does not equip an urban pastor.

    Wallace and Mary Kamau
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Missions of Hope International

    Pathway has been partnered with Wallace and Mary since 2007. Their vision is to see transformed lives through the hope of Christ in disadvantaged communities in Kenya and beyond. Their mission is to educate, empower, restore, and redeem through holistic transformation in Christ. They serve in a network of urban slums in the capital city Nairobi, Kenya. The slums cover less than three square miles and host over one million people. Most households are headed by single mothers. They are beginning to serve in several remote villages that are predominately Muslim or traditional African cult regions. Our partnership is in the Mathare Valley at Mabatini.

Global Outreach

Connect with Global organizations and partner with them!

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Missions of Hope International

We strive to make relationships whole and transform lives so that people in extreme poverty can live as God intended. Our strategy is holistic: The whole gospel for the whole person. Every MOHI program seeks to educate, empower, restore, and redeem.

Lakeview Bible College & Seminary

At Lakeview, we are committed to guiding you to grow in an authentic relationship with God and in the knowledge of His Word. It is our privilege to mentor you to have maximum impact on your communities and beyond.

TCM International Institute

TCM comes alongside Christians who are leading in their own countries and have a passion for reaching their people for Christ.

Agape International Missions (AIM)

AIM is working to relentlessly rescue, heal and empower survivors of trafficking to be free. The work doesn’t stop at the rescue. For these girls to truly heal and grow, they need to feel the unconditional, relentless love of Christ.

CMFI (Misael Cruz)

Christian Missionary Fellowship International is a non-denominational, non-profit, Christian organization that sends out missionaries and partners with Christian ministries around the globe.


TAV has spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to Indonesia through the printed page, VHS and cassette tapes, video, satellite, and now… their own TV station reaching thousands of villages and millions of souls.

CMFI (Megan, Nelson, Michelle, Joel)

The training of national church planters at the CMF training center in Arusha is the heartbeat of the team’s ministry in Tanzania. The whole family husband, wife and children is trained and equipped for ministry.

Short-Term Trips


To provide a unique opportunity to experience God in a deeper way by connecting with partners locally and around the world by utilizing the gifts, skills, and time that God has given each of us for the benefit of the kingdom.

We are all called to live out the Great Commission from Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


Commitment: to life-transformation
Humility: a spirit of serving in all we do
Respect: for our Pathway outreach partners
Prayer: to be undergirded in all aspects
Flexibility: be prepared but let God lead