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Patience Discussion Guide

Patience when the day is long.

• Patience is learned through training and not trying.

• Patience is about resting over running.

• God is very patient with us.

SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:38-42; Psalm 37:7; 2 Peter 3:8-9

1. We honored graduates this past weekend. Share a graduation memory of your own or someone in your family.

2. Share something in the last week where you were impatient.


1. Who were the two women in this story? How would you describe their differences and similarities? Which one do you identify with more? Luke 10:38-42

2. Jesus had a separate message for Mary and Martha? How were they different? Luke 10:38-42

3. What does it mean to “wait patiently for the Lord”? Paraphrase this verse in your own words. Psalms 37:7

4. How does Peter describe God’s patience? 2 Peter 3:8-9


1. Considering your own personality. Where does impatience show up most often? Share an example.

2. What are some practical ways you can train rather than try harder to be patient (rest rather than run)?

3. What are some triggers for impatience in your life? What will you do this week to be prepared when they come up?

4. As a group, read out loud together the prayer for this week.


Read 2 Peter 2. In this chapter, Peter is talking about preparing for the return of Jesus. Putting the concept of God’s patience in this context, how does that help us to be diligent in helping people to come to know Christ, particularly in what is a long season of patience?

Say this prayer daily:

God of the waiting,

Teach us to embody patience, never rushing into action without your signal.

You have created a world intended for patience; nature follows its rhythms without haste.

May we learn from this design, stopping to pause and wonder and praise.

When our hearts are weary from waiting, remind us that we do not wait alone for Christ dwells in us.


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