Making Connections

For many, "church" is a building or a place we go on weekends. It’s easy to go to church each weekend, but sometimes it’s challenging to incorporate the gospel in day-to-day life. Each person is gifted with particular talents and skill sets that can be used to serve and engage with other believers. One of the best ways to connect at Pathway is through Home Teams.

For Chris and Jennifer Anderson, a Home Team was key to connecting with other believers. They had attended Pathway for about six years before joining. At first, they were hesitant to commit because with six kids it was a logistical challenge. Once the kids were all able to attend the childcare and IGNITE, they were excited for the opportunity to have a couple of hours alone each week.

Chris was eager to jump into the Home Team experience; his upbringing taught him to dig into the Word. Jennifer was more hesitant because she feared she’d be judged for not knowing the Bible as well as she thought she should. They soon learned that their time at Home Team was more than just digging in and discovering how the Scripture is relevant today. They were also sharing life experiences with people in different stages of life. Their Home Team has encouraged them to seek meaningful relationships with people they may not have connected with otherwise.

Chris and Jennifer have been with their Home Team for about a year and a half and both are enthusiastic about their experiences. The group has grown into an extended family. Together, the Home Team has helped each other move, prayed about job loss, and celebrated answered prayers. Chris said, “I did have a lot of acquaintances and people I knew at church. But now I go in and I have real conversations. Investing in each other and seeing the growth that God has for all of us has been awesome.”

Surprisingly, Chris and Jennifer’s kids have also benefited from their parents’ experiences. Chris and Jennifer have been able to extend Home Team discussions into conversations with their children, which has made for interesting and important family exchanges. Home Team discussions have also led to deeper connections with each other. Jennifer said, “It’s transformed our marriage and our family and the way that we see church. It’s not just something that we do on Sundays; it’s part of who we are.”