The Parent Race

Parents have a short amount of time to create an impact for their children. But for foster parents, that time is even shorter. Danny and Shanda Enegren have three biological children ages 9, 11, and 13 and are currently fostering two girls ages 3 and 7. They have always had a heart for orphans and looked for ways to be obedient in their faith to care for them.

Danny and Shanda were in an international adoption program planning to adopt from Bulgaria. When the delays became excessive and as their own children got older, they had a friend mention to them to look into fostering instead of domestic or international adoption. As they began to learn more about the huge need right here in their community, they decided to take fostering classes and felt God leading them to begin their fostering journey. Their first placement of two boys was for ten weeks and they began to experience ways they could impact their lives in a short time.

Their family enjoyed teaching them about Jesus and sharing Bible stories together at bedtime. Their own children shared the Christmas story with the boys and explained why they go to church to learn more about living a life that follows Christ. Even though this was a temporary placement, the impact their family had on the boys was tremendous. In addition to giving them a safe place to live and nourishment for their bodies, God was calling them to share the story of Jesus with these children.

Danny and Shanda have always relied on God and the structure that faith in God provides each day. “We do our best to daily live intentionally for Christ,” said Shanda. As they saw challenges, they knew God would give them the strength to get through them. Their challenges paled in comparison to what the foster children were walking through. They also saw their biological children learn to share their space and time with their parents as well as share their toys. Danny and Shanda feel honored to help these children get through a challenging situation. They pray that even though these children are only with them for a short amount of time that they will feel the love of Christ while in the Enegren home.

Danny and Shanda pray that fostering will be contagious. A friend told them about it and they have encouraged other families to begin their own journey and share their stories as well. The Enegrens hope is that all Christ-followers become more aware of, and involved with, the foster care system. What an opportunity to work together and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the children.