Let Blessings Flow Through Us

When Randy and Debbie Williams were asked their perspective on their Unfinished commitment, they had a simple answer: “God owns it all and our job is to be stewards of it.” A simple answer, yes, but we have a big role to fill in that according to Randy, “God has abundant resources and He wants a relationship with us so badly that He creates opportunities for us to interact with Him. Money is one area where I think we can gauge where our hearts are in relation to His plan for each of us. I think part of the process of Unfinished is trusting God to show you the way. We trust God to lead and follow His plan.”

Randy, a commercial lender at a local bank, has served on the Finance Committee at Pathway for four years. He believes the Committee has made great strides in the last few years. “We’ve made a lot of good progress in positioning the church for growth and for the future. Our loans are structured so that we can pay off debt faster than is required. We have a 20-year payment plan with all of our debt now, so we don’t have the expense and risk of refinancing it every five years. We are using Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball technique to pay off the loan balances more quickly. “

Taking on debt is well worth the risk at times. When Pathway opened the Goddard Campus in 2012, Randy believes the possible impact was too great to not move forward. “Certainly there was an opportunity that Pathway seized when we chose to take on debt to build the Goddard Campus. We wanted to push that mission field. What a great thing it is. It not only impacts people’s lives today but will have an impact for generations down the line.”

Giving through finances is not the only way to be generous. Randy and Debbie have also given of their time. They have served in multiple capacitates at Pathway from student events to leading Financial Peace University. They challenge others to get involved in the church. “The opportunities for service at Pathway are amazing and the need is great. Everyone has a gift and it is our job to figure out what that gift is and to use it for the Kingdom. There are a lot of ways people can get plugged in and get involved in different service areas of the church. You will see that you will grow as a Christian as you reach out to serve others.”

As we contemplate our generosity, Randy explains the essence of the Unfinished mission. “God funnels blessings to every one of us all the time. The question is, do we close the funnel at the bottom, or do we open it to let those blessings flow through us to others?”