Never Say Never

If you had asked Donna Estep five to ten years ago if she'd consider going on a global outreach trip to the Middle East, it wouldn't have been even a possibility. Yet when her husband, Craig, came home and asked if she'd consider going to Jordan with Pathway, her response was surprising, "Yes!"

"God continues to do His work in me," said Donna. "I want to be obedient and have Him complete the Unfinished areas in my life." For someone who is more introverted, it was normal to be fearful and anxious about taking on new and unfamiliar things. After that first "Yes," Donna never looked back and never felt fearful again; she only felt peace.

"While in Jordan, our host leader overheard us talking one night and marveled that my first international missions trip was to the Middle East. He likened this group of Americans traveling to Jordan to the story of Peter stepping out of the boat. I knew God had called me to this place to witness the work going on there with the refugees, but also for my own growth and trust in Him."

From that day on, Craig and Donna have shared about their experiences in Jordan with others who may be hesitating to step out of their comfort zone. "I was reminded there that my total dependence has to be on God. It was humbling to have my rehearsed plans of what I'd share with the refugees be totally changed. I found I couldn't get out what I'd normally say back here in America."

One of the lasting memories from Jordan has been their broken hearts for the refugees. "We're coming up on almost a year later and both Craig and I are still heartbroken for the people there." Men being unable to work because of visa issues, families coming to the end of the funds provided for their transition, and leaving the country and family of their heritage. It's a tough road for the many families affected.

In the midst of that, Craig and Donna saw so much with eyes wide open and saw what God was doing in the middle of hard things. Donna said, "We felt like God had set the groundwork for our team, and given us favor with the refugees.

She concludes, "Because of His grace, I accept I'm Unfinished. That helps me to extend that same grace to others in Jordan or here at home."