We are heading into our final few months of Unfinished, Pathway Church’s ongoing movement to stretch its mission of true discipleship into the world—both locally and globally.

Many individuals and families have stepped up and committed time and money to see this mission through. Naturally, there are countless stories of God’s faithfulness and movement throughout the Unfinished season.

Chuck and Brenda White have a story of personal growth, peace, and obedience that grew out of the Unfinished initiative. They’ve attended Pathway for 30 years, been involved in a Home Team for over 10 years, are active Guest Ministry volunteers, and also serve meals at the Lord’s Diner.

Their faith story involves years of praying and waiting for a kidney donor for their daughter, Emily. In the end, she did end up receiving a donor kidney but the journey was long and the wait was scary at times. Their trust in God, even through seasons of unanswered prayer, has solidified their dedication to faithfully seek God’s will for their lives.

When Unfinished began, the Whites had been consistently giving and participating but found themselves asking, “How can we do better?” The message of continual sacrifice in order to become better Christ followers resonated with Chuck and Brenda. After spending some time in personal reflection and prayer, they came together and shared their proposed commitments. Their individual numbers were exactly the same, an anecdote we’ve heard many times over the years in regard to giving. On commitment Sunday, they generously pledged their resources.

Generosity has always been about the mission of drawing people to Christ for the Whites. Over the last two years, they’ve felt called to ramp up their generosity by constantly looking for ways to help others through their time and service. This has increased their impact on those around them and helped them draw closer to God’s heart as well. Through these decisions, they’ve felt at peace and joyful to be stepping out in faith.

Unfinished has helped Chuck and Brenda enthusiastically embrace the fact that there is no end in sight when it comes to the Christian journey. God is continually working on our hearts, our obedience, and our actions as we press into His call on our lives. For the Whites, this season has been one of personal and spiritual growth and their generosity has increased their impact and the positive impact of Pathway Church.